Jay Pond-Jones

Soho Works
Jay responded to a brief from Soho Works to create an event series for members that reflected the support they give to creative entrereneurs.

Each month, an exciting new food business gets to cook up their food and share it with a small group of Soho Works members, potential investors, agents, food buyers, influencers, publicists, journalists and broadcasters.

'Yumlicious' happens in the intimate kitchen setting on the first floor of 180 Strand, with just 30 guests.

As dishes are prepared, presented and eaten, guests are immersed in the stories and heritage behind each culinary creation. ‘Yumlicious’ is hosted by BBC London's Robert Elms, famed for his award-winning radio show that exudes a love for the multifaceted culture of London, especially its culinary diversity.

For members it’s a first taste of some incredible food ideas, and for the chefs and food companies, it’s an amazing showcasing opportunity. So much so that it’s now booked six months in advance.

Yumlicious has gone on to be part of the Soho House Festival.

The results for the businesses have been incredible. As has the food.