Jay Pond-Jones

Squire Locks
Squire Locks, founded in 1780, has passed from father to son for six generations.

The introduction of app-enabled electronic locks marks a significant step forward for the company, carrying profound implications for enhanced security. This shift replaces keys, a technology dating back 6000 years, with encryption capabilities that rival those of the Pentagon, along with unprecedented levels of access control.

This introduction of the new Squire Inigma range, through Jay’s brand campaign, has already begun to disrupt the market. It marks the onset of a new era for Squire, where the rich engineering heritage of the past seamlessly merges with their advanced electrical engineering systems of the future. The inigma padlock icon cleverly crysalises this thought into a simple brand visual - that’s now being applied across all communication points.

Built to be unbreakable. Coded to be uncrackable. That pretty much somes it up.