Jay Pond-Jones


Going deep into the archive with these, but I still really like them...

Paul Merton took a fair bit of persuading to make this series for Cussons Imperial Leather. But once he was on-board, we couldn’t have asked for more. As soon as word was out that he was doing them, the mentions on BBC2’s Have I Got News For You, were continuous.

The title half way through the ‘Twins’ ad, originally said ‘1o years later’. Paul quite correctly pointed out that ‘8 years later’ would be much funnier, and it was duly changed. A couple of years later while working with American comedian Denis Leary, the script required us to come up with the number of time that he’d heard Sugar Sugar by The Archies (don’t ask why, the ad is on this site somewhere) We shared the ‘8 is a funnier number’ rule of comedy with him, which is why in the Holsten Pils ad, Sugar Sugar, he claims to have heard the song some 5128 times.