Jay Pond-Jones

Boom Boom Zoom
BoomBoomZoom was conceived to help performers who’d lost income due to their live shows and tours being cancelled during the COVID-19 crisis.

The founders were already very familiar with using Zoom for business meetings. Natural curiosity (or needs must) got them wondering how Zoom could be pushed further and be used as an entertainment platform.  

After a couple of Zoom calls to the people at Zoom themselves, the first pilot ‘zoomcast’ went live to a paying audience within four days. That first show starred BBC Radio 4’s ‘Barry From Watford’. Since then there have been shows starring Clinton Baptiste, from Peter Kay’s Pheonix Nights, Angelos and Barry, and the Berlin based singer songwriter Ryan O’Reilly.

Coming out on the other side, Boom Boom Zoom will continue with a full schedule of live entertainment events – not just from people’s isolation, but studios, live performance venues, and locations all over the world.

Big thanks to designer Sam Eccles who created the identity and got the website live in just three days.