Recent work

Following a period where Jay worked exclusively in entertainment, he decided to capitalise on this experience, and in 2013 started to creative direct for brands again, alongside his other work. This has included McCain, Samsung, Dairylea, Batiste, Paddy Power, Microsoft, Linkedin and the BBC amongst many others.

Jay continues to work in both advertising and entertainment. Highlights over the past few years include the – ‘Let’s Go’ series for BMB, where The Ramones’ ‘Hey Ho, Let’s Go’, became the famous AO musical signature.

Further recent campaigns at BMB include ‘Elephant’ for KP Nuts, and ‘Hands Full’ for Hula Hoops

His comedy directing work continued with Doc Brown’s Bleeding Hearts video for BBC Comic Relief and The Bobby Mair Show for Comedy Central.

In 2017 Jay also created and directed the Remington Beard University series for Shortlist and Studio Sixty Billion. This is the kind of project at which Jay excells. It requires a bringing together of all his skills – brand, entertainment and online. As brands move more into the content space, the ability to conceive and execute ideas that people genuinely want to engage with, is becoming the game changing criteria for success.


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