Jay Pond-Jones has created a career for himself that spans creative advertising and brand communications, a variety of media, and most recently, comedy entertainment television.

A creative director at BMB, HHCL, Mother and GGT, Jay’s best known brand work was always as much about ‘content’ as communication. Designing the FCUK logo and helping create a fashion brand, or putting limes in the necks of Sol bottles are now frequently quoted examples of brand ‘experiences’. During his time spent on the executive board of D&AD Jay successfully championed the introduction of awards for experiential activity.

Jay’s work in conventional media was never that conventional either. One of his proudest moments was when the UK’s Daily Mail, claimed that his Cannes Lion winning commercial, ‘Asshole’ starring Denis Leary for Holsten Pils, brought television to an all time low. It did a pretty good job at discouraging people from drinking and driving too.

His first non-brand television entertainment work was the creation of the Flipside TV format, which ran for some 130 episodes across Paramount Comedy and Channel 4. It’s widely considered to have been the influence behind the award winning Gogglebox. He followed this by forming the production company Colour TV and making the outrageous late night comedy hit – What The F**k?!!.

In 2010, Colour TV completed the second series of the primetime comedy The International Sexy Ladies Show, which Jay also directed, for Comcast’s G4 channel in the US.

Colour TV’s most recent shows in 2014 is the outrageous Comedy Central hit KSI Demolished, which continues to deliver jaw-dropping online viewing numbers for Viacom at recently passed the 5 million views mark.

Never short of ideas and enthusiasm for brands, Jay continues to combine his position as an ad agency creative director, with his role as a writer, producer and director at Colour TV. He brings a singular vision of what can be achieved in advertising, combined with the real world experience of creating content at the highest and most competitive level.


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